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What is your weakness? By Seashoregost?

by OnNewYork

What is your weakness? By Seashoregost? What are your sins?” is a common question asked by employers during an interview to determine if the pollee has tone- mindfulness and the capability to identify and overcome their sins.

In our companion, we advise you on how to prepare for this question, and give exemplifications to use in your coming job interview of What is your weakness? By Seashoregost.

List of Example Weekness By Seashoreghost

Too critical of other people’s work.

What is your weakness? By Seashoregost?

Here is the Weakness by seashore ghost below to the line you will get result for you came of What is your weakness? By Seashoregost?

Difficulty delegating tasks.

What is your weakness? By Seashoregost?
What is your weakness? By Seashoregost?


Too detail- acquainted.

Need further experience inX.

Intolerant with others.

strange withX.

Quick to please others.

Struggle to give feedback.

Struggle with presenting/ public speaking.

Difficulty maintaining work life balance.

Take too numerous pitfalls.


Lack of experience( for entry- position job).

Not creative enough.

Struggle to ask for help.


Lack of confidence.

unfit tomulti-task/Multi-tasking too much.

Taking review too tête-à-tête.

Time operation.

Poor jotting chops.

Lack of computer chops.

Taking on too numerous systems at formerly.

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How to Answer” What are Your sins?”

10 twinkles
How to Answer” What are Your sins?”
A step- by- step companion to answering the question” what are your sins?”

Prepare yourself for the interview.

Make a list of sins.
Make a list of sins.
While preparing for your interview, make a list of your chops or rates that are most important for the part you’re canvassing for. These are the strengths that you want to convey to the canvasser . Secondly, suppose of one or two sins that could be seen in a positive light.

Flash back, that by asking the weakness question, the canvasser is trying to gain a deeper understanding of you as a person and whether you would make a good addition to the company.

State your weakness

Answer strategically.

In your answer to” What are your sins?”, it’s important not to mention a real weakness. In other words, you want to mention a skill or particularity that isn’t critical to the position you’re canvassing for.

For illustration, if you are applying for a job in client service, you don’t want to mention that you” don’t have great people chops.” likewise, you shouldn’t elect a arbitrary weakness,e.g.,” I am a perfectionist,” which could come off as too scripted.

Give an illustration of how you have used this weakness to grow professionally.

Your” weakness” should be an illustration or story of how you have plodded with an aspect of work, and how you corrected or crushed that weakness in your professional life. This tells your employer that you are a good fit for the part by emphasizing your capability to find results to problems.

still, be sure to explain your plan- of- action during the interview, If you’re laboriously working on prostrating a particular weakness.

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