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www bbc hausa com – BBC Hausa News (2022)

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www bbc hausa com is the Hausa language aid of BBC world service implied mainly for the Hausa-is speaking nation in Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, and the leftovers of Hausa lecturers in West Africa. It is the portion of the BBC’s distinct language production of 33 languages, and in these 33 languages, five languages are Afrikaans.

The language aid comprises the Abuja bureau office, radio station, and updated website. Which administers a news portal and delivers data, as well as examinations in text, audio, and video, and also empowers online admissions to the radio broadcasters? The radio duty is broadcast from the broadcasting department in London, and initial editing is accomplished at the BBC headquarters in Abuja.

More information related to the background of BBC Hausa

The BBC Hausa launched this service and was the initial Afrikaans language service. This service was presented by Aminu Abdullahi Malumfashi with a 15-minute program under the BBC World Service on 13 March 1957.

Then, the report shows a translated version by AbubakarTunau in the program west Africa. The daily broadcast commenced a year later, on 1 June 1958, and has been operating since then. And on March 2022, the BBC completed its 65th year in Abuja.

Fran Unworthy, the director of the BBC World service group, accompanied. And the Nigerian president, Muhammad Buhari, also delivers their wishes with the help of voice messages at that event, mentioning that he is BBC Hausa’s faithful hearer and has spent several years hearing its programs.

The BBC gained fame in the Hausa-speaking world in its primary days due to its reporting. Also, it has operated press conferences and interviews with many well-known African politicians.

Necessary knowledge regarding BBC Hausa

BBC Hausa is a kind of radio network and website from the United Kingdom, and this website is available around the entire world. The owner of this website is BBC, and the service was introduced on 13 March 1957 and also this website is available in the language with the official website www.bbc.com/hausa/.

www bbc hausa com
www bbc hausa com

BBC Hausa office

The BBC Hausa office was situated in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, and the BBC Hausa office was launched in 2002.

Knowledge regarding BBC Hausa broadcasting service

Sometimes the BBC Hausa service consists of the top editors, producers, assistant editors, and senior reporters. Major Nigerian cities like Kano, Jose, Abuja, Sokoto, Enugu, Lagos, Benim city, etc., have stringers and stringers in the democracy of Niger, Ghana, and most of the peoples from the republic of China.

BBC Hausa broadcasts in Nigeria

Discuss the list of FM radio stations that.

Most BBC programs are rebroadcasted by Nigerian media houses, both television and radio, through an exclusive partnership with the BBC World Service, several media houses included. So, some broadcasted FM radio stations in Nigeria are Yola in the Adamawa State Radio Gotel with 917 kHz AM, Kano in the Kano State with name Freedom Radio -9.5FM, Kaduna in the Kaduna State with the name Freedom Radio – 99.5FM, Sokoto in the Sokoto State with name Rima Radio – 97.1FM, 540 kHz AM, Dutse in the Jigawa State with name Freedom Radio – 99.5FM, Jos in the Plateau State with title PRTV – 88.65 FM, 92.1 FM, 90.5 FM, and 1313 kHz AM, Maiduguri in the Borno State with title BRTV – 94.5FM, etc.

Describe the information related online presence of this website

With the help of upcoming digital means of communication, there has been a steady decline in listening to that traditional culture of radio set since 1960. And at that time, people were fascinated with listening to the news, songs, etc., on the radio. Therefore, even though BBC Hausa radio listens to approximately 17.7 million people per week, the bbchausa.com website is the top most searched or visited website in Nigeria.

What is the concept of their service

In the BBC trust report 2010, there is widespread mistrust of local media in the Hausa-speaking area of Africa, where the locals understand local broadcasters and journalists as not closed to tampering.

Frequently Asked Question

When did the BBC Hausa was launched?

On 13 March 1957, for the very first time, the service of BBC Hausa was introduced.

From where the BBC Hausa office is placed?

The office of BTC Hausa is in Ahuja, Nigeria.

What is the www bbc hausa com?

BBC Hausa is the Hausa language service of BBC World Service meant primarily for the Hausa-speaking world in Nigeria, Ghana, Niger and the rest of Hausa speakers in West Africa. It is part of BBC foreign language output of 33 languages, of which five are African languages


BBC Hausa is the Hausa language aid that provides the service worldwide. So they have the motive to deliver the data through text, audio, and videos, and online admissions are also available. And around 17.7 million people watch it on the radio every week because. So for this reason, this website is concluded of the top websites in Nigeria.

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