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Pretty Boy Fredo Passed Away on December 30, (2023)

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Pretty Boy Fredo Passed Away – Alfredo Villa has passed away unexpectedly. The circumstances surrounding his death has not been made public at the time of this publication. We ask that at this time, you allow the family to take the appropriate and needed time, to make preparations and grieve as family.

Words fall short of expressing our grief for your loss, as we mourn with family and friends for this great loss. We are truly sorry to hear of the loss of this promising being.

Please accept our condolences and may our prayers help comfort you. Please receive our heartfelt condolences.

Feel free to drop condolences messages and prayers for the family and friends of the deceased as it will go a very long way at this difficult time of theirs.

Pretty Boy Fredo Passed Away?

Yes, Prettyboyfredo died on Friday, December 30, 2022.

Pretty Boy Fredo Passed Away
Pretty Boy Fredo Passed Away

Who is pretty Fredo?

Alfredo Villa, better known as Prettyboyfredo, is an American YouTube and social media sensation whose originality has set him apart from the pack. Villa is a Leo, born on August 20, 1993, in Palm Beach, Florida. He’s of African-American/Costa Rican descent.

About Prettyboyfredo


YouTuber named Alfredo Villa and known online as prettyboyfredo. His mix of pranks, challenges, vlogs and various types of NBA 2K videos has earned him more than 7 million subscribers. He also has run a couples’ channel titled Fredo & Jas, formerly known as The 2x Family.

Before Fame

He created his YouTube channel in June of 2009, but did not upload any original content until October of 2014 when he posted a “NBA 2K15 Xbox 360 Review & Gameplay” video. 


He has over 550,000 followers on Twitch where he plays more games than just NBA 2K. He began attending the University of Central Florida. 

Family Life

He and his partner Jasmine welcomed a daughter named Ava together on November 11, 2017. He’d later propose on October 21, 2018 but they eventually broke up in mid 2019.

Associated With

He played against NBA player Archie Goodwin in an NBA 2K16 game, which he posted to his channel. 

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