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What is Your Weakness By Seashore Ghost (2022)

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What is Your Weakness By Seashore Ghost Felicitations, ghost nimrods! Phasmophobia has been growing its canon of ghost types recently, and with every update, players might find themselves bullied by the variety of ways in which they manifest.

There are the more predictable, nearly shy kinds, but also some who are incredibly aggressive and dangerous to provoke.

It’s pivotal to know your differences, and while the journal can be handy when you ’re in a safe place, it’s not a bad idea to have a resource like this one to keep hard for when you need to identify a Seashore ghost snappily, especially if it helps you get your abettors out of the haunted position.

Spirits are veritably common ghosts. They’re veritably important, but unresisting, only attacking when they need to. They defend their place of death to the utmost degree, killing anyone that’s caught overstaying their hello. Read on What is Your Weakness By Seashore Ghost. Also check What is your weakness?

What is Your Weakness By Seashore Ghost?

What is Your Weakness By Seashore Ghost: Spirits are approachable Seashore Ghost types for Phasmophobia beginners, as you can get your setup done, gather your substantiation, identify, and potentially leave snappily.

What is Your Weakness By Seashore Ghost
What is Your Weakness By Seashore Ghost

But due to it not having veritably distinctive features if you do not gather all the substantiation, it can be incorrect for other Seashore Ghosts. However, use smirch sticks, as this will generally help hunts for a full 3 twinkles.

If you insulate the ghost’s position though. However, there’s a lesser liability of it being a spirit, due to its aversion to the tool, If it hunts only after those 3 twinkles over.


  • EMF Level 5
  • Spirit Box
  • Ghost Writing


Wraiths are one of the most dangerous ghosts you’ll find. It’s also the only known ghost that has the capability of flight and has occasionally been known to travel through walls.

Wraiths infrequently touch the ground, meaning they can not be tracked by steps.


  • EMF Level 5
  • Spirit Box
  • DOTS Projector

What is Your Weakness By Seashore Ghost: Wraiths can be hard to identify due to their strengths, but the DOTS Projector makes this an easier task as they ’ll track outlines, not vestiges. 

Combine that with the dependence Spirit Box and EMF for chancing substantiation, both of which are fairly easy to use. 

Consider using swab as well, along with a UV light/ glowstick; if the wraith leaves marks on the swab, aim your UV light towards any signs of movement, as utmost ghosts will frequently leave vestiges, but not the wraith, indicating a lesser liability that this is the ghost you ’re dealing with. 

Also, if your EMF goes off aimlessly through the chart, the wraith could be teleporting to you, but make sure this isn’t a one- off ghost event; if it happens more frequently, chances are it’s a wraith.


A Phantom is a ghost that can retain the living, converting fear into those around it. They’re most generally summoned from Ouija Boards.

Strength Looking at a Phantom will drop your reason vastly briskly.
Weakness Taking a print of a Phantom will make it temporarily vanish.


  • Spirit Box
  • Fingerprints
  • DOTS Projector

The Phantom is a parlous ghost, with its strength veritably important playing into its weakness and vice versa; do not look at it any longer than you need to, and snap a picture for the perk of a shot at a quick flight. 

Also, more importantly, check your prints once you escape – if the print says “Seashore ghost” but has no perceptible figure shown, this increases the chances that you ’re hunting a Phantom.

It’s a ghost that does not wish to be seen but communicates effectively in its ways. Using the Ouija Board is substantiated in the description, but in general, accursed particulars similar as this will draw out any ghost due to its drain on your reason upon using it.

What is the Seashore Ghost?

Seashore Ghost: The spirit of a dead person, occasionally represented as a pale, nearly transparent image of that person that some people believe appears to people who are alive.

Recent Examples on the Web

Below this you will get result of What is Your Weakness By Seashore Ghost.


That same month, that individual allegedly used a ghost gun in a triple shooting that killed one person and injured two others in the Bronx.— Aaron Katersky, ABC News, 29 June 2022

The police found 25,390 rounds of ammunition in the house, as well as ghost gun kits for AR-15s; one was already operable.— Amanda Milkovits, BostonGlobe.com, 28 June 2022

Responding officers found a 16-year-old ninth grader outside of the school, located in the 7000 block of Adelphi Road, and recovered a Polymer80 ghost gun in the student’s possession, police said.— Clarence Williams, Washington Post, 24 June 2022

Garner allegedly fired toward the brawl and was armed with a ghost gun, police said.— Fox News, 9 June 2022

The gun used by Garner was a ghost gun with an extended magazine, according to Pescatore.— Jordan Freiman, CBS News, 7 June 2022

While detaining the suspect, detectives found a loaded ghost gun — firearms with no serial number that are often assembled by hand from prepackaged parts — in his waistband and methamphetamine in his vehicle, police officials said.— Alex Riggins, San Diego Union-Tribune, 20 May 2022

But the amounts jumped up to $200 for a working ghost gun, known as unregistered and untraceable firearms that can be made with a 3D printer or assembled at home using a kit.— Marissa Evansstaff Writer, Los Angeles Times, 8 May 2022

Three New Milford High School students, one a juvenile, face charges after a bathroom brawl Tuesday morning led to the discovery of a ghost gun on school property, prompting a lockdown, police said.— Christine Dempsey, Hartford Courant, 27 Apr. 2022


In season 3, Min finally gets to play a living character who interacts with the people around him — as opposed to ghost Ben, who could really only talk to his medium brother Klaus (Robert Sheehan).— Christian Holub, EW.com, 13 May 2022

Hopefully, the aliens don’t ghost us this time around.— Ariana Garcia, Chron, 6 May 2022These friends, finally, were wrong to ghost you instead of having the courage to approach your wife, kindly and discreetly.— Washington Post, 28 Jan. 2022

Your initial instinct for ending a casual relationship might be to ghost them.— Washington Post, 12 Feb. 2022Janine Ilsley, an integrative therapist and licensed master social worker, says people ghost for a variety of reasons.— Jenna Ryu, USA TODAY, 5 Feb. 2022

That launch event is currently scheduled for February 8, assuming Samsung doesn’t ghost everyone again.— Ron Amadeo, Ars Technica, 11 Jan. 2022

The pandemic gave rise to ghost kitchens, the poetic name for restaurants that exist only for takeout and delivery.— Mike Sutter, San Antonio Express-News, 23 Dec. 2021

To help ghost hunters achieve their goals, Travelocity shared seven of its most haunted U.S. hotels with Travel + Leisure.— Rachel Chang, Travel + Leisure, 19 Oct. 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Seashore Ghost?

The spirit of a dead person, occasionally represented as a pale, nearly transparent image of that person that some people believe appears to people who are alive.

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