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My Reason to Die Webtoon – Digital comic

by OnNewYork

My Reason to Die Webtoon – Reading comics was fun in the early days as we all can relate to how we all used to connect it. But with the passing of time and trends, everything has changed.

This comes along for comics as well. There are no longer books with a cartoon in our hands. This means we do not need them to read physically. But they all have been converted into digital.

Technology has delivered ease where people can connect to anything they want to. The same is the case with the comic as well.

One of those is my reason for dying webtoon.

My Reason to Die Webtoon- Digital comic

My Reason to Die Webtoon- Comics are always fun to read, they are filled with images, and bright colors and attract us hard. There are different categories of novels available that can make one feel good.

My Reason to Die Webtoon- Digital comic
My Reason to Die Webtoon- Digital comic

However, the case where there are many those who like to read comics. If you are one of those who hold interest then my reason to die webtoon is one of those.

The story of Ji-o’s luck where she gets injured. It was her dream and also she was out of the taekwondo team. But in the middle of all, it was her life-changing experience.

The one person who changed her life forever and he is the definition of a bad boy.

We all at some point meet or connect with one such person who can ruin our lives. But we do not know what will happen.

This was the life where Ji-o’s luck meet one of those. She did not know that this will happen and in turn, will make her way.

Will she fall at risk or what will happen with her life? There is much trouble that is waiting in her life to happen.

My Reason to Die Webtoon – But to know what you need to connect with my reason to die.

How to read my reason to die?

Digital comic means they all available over the web. It means you need not have to buy them at any cost. When you have internet and a smartphone your work is quite easier.

My Reason to Die Webtoon- Digital comic – In this manner, you will be able to last for long. There is a different and wide range of categories available. So accordingly to your choice, you can walk with anyone of those.

Also when you do not have to invest money then you can pick as many as you can. Webtoon is the platform where you can read my reason to die.

What is webtoon?

Webtoon is the South Korean platform where you can read thousands of comics online. Launched in 2004 by Naver Corporation. Also as the name suggests it is the platform for posting webtoon, compact digital comics in South Korea.

The platform was first launched as Naver Webtoon and then globally introduced as Line webtoon (2014).

Although the Naver brand is not well-known outside of Korea and also some of its services are not available outside the country.

But with the passing time, the services gain traction in the year 2000. Naver’s webtoon service entered the Japanese market as XOY.

On December 18, 2018, Naver closed XOY and migrated all of its translated and original webtoon to Line manga.

But in 2019, Line webtoon was changed to webtoon in English, Spanish, and even French version as well.

History of webtoon and global launch

Line webtoon was founded by Junco Kim in 2004, and that was under the name webtoon. It was the case when he watched the manhwa industry crash in the 1990s.

Kim grew up reading Japanese comics and superheroes and was looking for a way to launch a webtoon. Kim thought there is a need for new concepts and also readers needed to undergo something new.

So Kim out with the concept and also launched the corporation Naver’s content division. Website and mobile app was also introduced in 2014.

This allowed the international artist to upload their work. There are hundreds of webtoons available and uploaded in the library.

Naver’s webtoon also created the profit page. This compensation program allowed the artist to get larger profits but shared between NHN Corp and the artists themselves.

Webtoon is for thousands of artists where they can upload their work. Also, they will be able to get the loyalty and in turn, make it happen to earn profits.

Hence, in this manner connecting to digital comics is now easier.

Frequently asked questions

What is my reason to die

my reason to die is the digital comic that talks about the life of a girl where who got out of her Tao kendo. But later she meets a boy who will ruin her life.

Where to read my reason to die

To read my reason to die you can go to webtoon, it is a digital platform to read thousands of comics online.

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