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Selena Quintanilla Crime Scene, Popular American Singer

by OnNewYork

Selena Quintanilla Crime Scene – We have come up with another mystery of selena quintanilla crime scene. Who does not wants to get fame, we all have dreams and wishes, and was with selena.

An American singer who achieved international fame as one of the best singers ever.

She made her career reach height solo in both Spanish and English. Well, that was quite an interesting chapter we would say.

She was managed by her father and manager to assemble all of her tasks or schedules.

Things were going smoothly as she was making huge hits in her career and climbing up the stairs. However, this could not last for long. One day her manager got a random call from one of her fans and that was the end.

Who was selena Quintanilla?

Selena Quintanilla was quite a famous singer and a personality across. She had millions of fans but not all of the fans some of them turned out to be in anger.

One day Selena managed to get a call from a crazy fan in anger where he claimed that he got a membership plan and in return got nothing.

Selena Quintanilla Crime Scene
Selena Quintanilla Crime Scene

It was a direct attempt made to be in anger. Well, when you are famous you tend to get so many haters that you cannot think of.

The journey of being famous is not easy and so was the case with Selena.

But this was Saldívar who took upon the case, there was a reported that came up in against Saldívar.

His management was not good and was making Selena disturbed. But when a case come up of one fan then investigation started up.

How selena quintanilla murdered?

Selena murder was thought to be planned and Saldívar was involved in it.

For quite a long time he was doing forgery in the account section and when things came out he shot Selena with 38 special revolvers on the morning of (March 31, 1995).

This marked the end of her life and everything was shattered. She was not the girl who ever thought something wrong. Perhaps she was growing in her career and Saldivar did not like it.

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