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How to CESC Online Bill Payment Kolkata (2022) And Other State

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Have you doubted if CESC Online Bill Payment Kolkata is the safe and right way? Well, Kolkata Electric Supply Corporation (CESC) has made provision for online payment for electric bills.

This electricity board is a Kolkata-based flagship company and was established in 1899.

Now the question arises if CESC Online Bill Payment in Kolkata is easy or not. Well, read the blog carefully if you are looking for a bill payment solution or steps within online ways for CESC.

The Number of Services That Comes Under CESC Limited And RP Sanjiv Goenka Group

1. CESC Online Monthly Bill Payment.

2. Monthly Bill Multiple Accounts.

3. Advance Payment.

4. Solar Grid Connectivity.

5. AC- Charges.

6. Name Change Charges.

7. New Connection/ Additional Load.

8. Temporary Connection.

9. Reconnection.

10. Burnt Meter.

11. Un-Metered Connection (LCC).

12. Prepaid Recharge Voucher.

CESC Online Bill Payment kolkata
Sample of – CESC Online Bill Payment

How Is CESC Online Bill Payment in Kolkata Possible?

Well, CESC has made payment for bills easy and simple for all. You can go with multiple payment gateways to make CESC Online Monthly Bill Payment. The steps are as follows.

You can pay bill by multiple method like Paytm, Freecharge, Billdesk.com, Mobikwik App and also you can pay CESC bill from their official site. you can follow this method for paying CESC Bill Payment

  • Go on the official website of CESC and check for 11- digit customer ID option.
  • Login in your 11-digit customer ID.
  • Now you can easily check for the amount paid within the e-bill payment option.
  • Next is to pick any convenient payment gateway for time-efficient CESC Online Bill Payment Kolkata.
  • An auto-generated bill payment receipt or transaction slip will be sent to your registered email-Id when payment is made.

The Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Online Payment Possible For Monthly Bill?

Yes, CESC Online Monthly Bill Payment is available in simple ways via selecting the preferred mode of payment gateway.

2. What Types of Payment Gateway or Modes There On CESC Online Bill Payment?

The site is available with multiple payment modes like- Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, ECS, RTGS, and NEFT.

3. Do CESC Online Bill Payment Kolkata Is Safe?

Precisely! CESC Online Monthly Bill Payment is safe, as keep personal details and banking information highly confidential.

4. Is Payment Receipt Available For Online Billing?

Yes, of course. The auto-generate transaction slip or payment receipt is received and sent on registered email-id.

5. What Is Payment Receipt Is Not Receipt?

If your amount is debited or charged within your bank but didn’t get any transaction receipt, then follow the steps. You will receive the transaction/payment receipt within two working days, on registered email assuring the payment confirmation.

If you didn’t get any CESC Online Monthly Bill Payment receipt, then you need not re-try. Just wait for at least two working days. 3. Retrying for the same bill payment can create consequences, so avoid it completely. Often the uncertain payment confirmation from the bank, etc., occurs that does not allow for payment receipt download, even after two working days.

Then ideal is to take the matter prior consideration with the respective bank or card issuing service provider for refund or other queries. In such rare cases of unsuccessful payment, CESC Limited is not liable or responsible for a refund.

6. If the Payable Amount Is Debited or Charged Twice From Bank or Card?

With cases of twice payment, you need to confirm your respective bank or card issuing provider within details like due time, excess payment amount (if any). That extra payment will be adjusted in other unpaid or subsequent charges/bills.

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