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Who Called Me 03037201234 Quem ligou Para Você De?

by OnNewYork

03037201234 (Brazil). Fixed line (geographic) – Brazil. The overall rating for telephone number 03037201234 is Negative.

+55 303 720 1234 is also NEGATIVE TELEMARKETING Brazil.

Quem ligou para você de 03037201234

03037201234 RATINGS

  • 290x negative
  • 23x neutra
  • 11x positiva

03037201234 CATEGORIES

  • 167x Telemarketing
  • 45x Pre-recorded auto call
  • 31x Unwanted call
  • 25x Nuisance call
  • 20x silent call
  • 10x Call center
  • 9x Financial Services
  • 7x Chamada falsa
  • 3x Debt Collector
  • 2x Company
  • 2x Service
  • 2x Outro
  • 1x Phone prank

Phone number 03037201234 has a negative rating. We have 324 ratings and 319 reviews for this phone number. Possible phone number formats are +55 303 720 1234, 00553037201234, 0303 720 1234, 03037201234, +553037201234, tel:+55-303-720-1234, +55 3037201234, 2347201.

But you can tell us in the comment box about this number for aware the people.

Phone Scams

According to USA and (Federal ftc.gov)-

People lose a lot of money to phone swindles occasionally their life savings.

Scammers have figured out innumerous ways to cheat you out of your plutocrat over the phone. In some swindles, They act friendly and helpful. In others, they might hang or try to scarify you.

One thing you can count on is that a phone scammer will try to get your plutocrat or your particular information to commit identity theft. Do not give it to them. Then’s what you need to know.


How To Recognize a Phone Scam

Phone swindles come in numerous forms, but they tend to make analogous pledges and pitfalls, or ask you to pay certain ways. Then’s how to fete a phone fiddle.

There’s no prize

The frequenter might say you were “ named ” for an offer or that you ’ve won a lottery. But if you have to pay to get the prize, it’s not a prize.

You won’t be arrested

Scammers might pretend to be law enforcement or a civil agency. They might say you ’ll be arrested, fined, or deported if you do not pay levies or some other debt right down. The thing is to scarify you into paying. But real law enforcement and civil agencies woo not call and hang you.

You don’t need to decide now

Utmost licit businesses will give you time to suppose their offer over and get written information about it before asking you to commit. Take your time. Do n’t get dragooned into making a decision on the spot.

There’s never a good reason to send cash or pay with a gift card

Scammers will frequently ask you to pay in a way that makes it hard for you to get your plutocrat back — in wiring plutocrat, putting plutocrat on a gift card, reimbursed card or cash reload card, or using a plutocrat transfer app. Anyone who asks you to pay that way is a scammer.

Government agencies won’t call to confirm your sensitive information

It’s no way a good idea to give out sensitive information like your Social Security number to someone who calls you suddenly, indeed if they say they ’re with the Social Security Administration or IRS.

You shouldn’t be getting all those calls

Still, it needs your written authorization to call you with a rob call, If a company is dealing commodity. And if you ’re on the National Do Not Call Registry, you should not get live deals calls from companies you have not done business with ahead. Those calls are illegal. However, there’s a good chance it’s a fiddle , If someone is formerly breaking the law calling you. At the veritably least, it’s a company you do not want to do business with.

Also read – How to Spot a Pathological Liar BBC

Examples of Common Phone Scams

Any scam can happen over the phone or Laptop/PC. But there are some common angles phone scammers like to use:

Imposter scams

A scammer pretends to be someone you trust — a government agency like the Social Security Administration or the IRS, a family member, a love interest, or someone claiming there’s a problem with your computer. The scammer can indeed have a fake name or number show up on your frequenter ID to move you.

Debt relief and credit repair scams

Scammers will offer to lower your credit card interest rates, fix your credit, or get your pupil loans forgiven if you pay their company a figure first. But you could end up losing your capitalist and ruining your credit.

Business and investment scams

Guests might promise to help you start your own business and give you business coaching, or guarantee big earnings from an investment. Do not take their word for it. Learn about the FTC’s Business occasion Rule, and check out investment openings with your state securities regulator.

Charity scams

Scammers like to pose as charities. scams requesting donations for disaster relief sweats are especially common on the phone. Always check out a charity before you give, and do n’t feel pressured to give directly over the phone before you do.

Extended car warranties

Scammers find out what kind of bus you drive and when you bought it so they can prompt you to buy overpriced — or empty — service contracts.

“Free” trials

A frequenter might promise a free trial but also subscribe you up for products — sometimes lots of products — that you ’re billed for every month until you cancel.

Loan scams

Loan scams include advance figure loan scams, where scammers target people with a poor credit history and guarantee loans or credit cards for an over-anterior figure. legit lenders do not make guarantees like that, especially if you have bad credit, no credit, or a ruin.

Prize and lottery scams

In a typical prize scam, the frequenter will say you ’ve won a prize, but also say you need to pay impositions, registration freights, or shipping charges to get it. But after you pay, you find out there is no prize.

Travel scams and timeshare scams

Scammers promise free or low-cost recesses that can end up going you a lot in sheltered costs. And sometimes, after you pay, you find out there is no vacation. In timeshare resale scams, scammers lie and tell you they ’ll sell your timeshare and may indeed have a buyer lined up — if you pay them first.

How To Stop Calls From Scammers

Hang up

Indeed if it’s not a scammer calling, when a company is calling you immorally, it’s not a company you want to do business with. When you get a rob call, do not press any figures. rather of letting you speak to a live driver or remove you from their call list, it might lead to further rob calls.

Consider call blocking or call labeling

Scammers can use the internet to make calls from each over the world. They do n’t watch if you ’re on the National Do Not Call Registry. That’s why your stylish defense against unwanted calls is call blocking. Which type of call- blocking or call- labeling technology you use will depend on the phone — whether it’s a cell phone, a traditional landline, or a home phone that makes calls over the internet( VoIP). See what services your phone carrier offers, and look online for expert reviews. For cell phones, you also can check out the reviews for different call- blocking apps in your online app store.

Don’t trust your caller ID

Scammers can make any name or number show up on your frequenter ID. That’s called spoofing. So indeed if it looks like it’s a government agency like the Social Security Administration calling, or like the call is from a original number, it could be a scammer calling from anywhere in the world.

Report Phone Scams

If you’ve lost money to a phone scam or have information about the company or scammer who called you, report it at www.ReportFraud.ftc.gov.

If you didn’t lose money and just want to report a call, you can use our streamlined reporting form at www.DoNotCall.gov.

Report the number that appears on your frequenter ID — indeed if you suppose it might be fake and any number you ’re told to call back. The FTC analyzes complaint data and trends to identify illegal callers grounded on calling patterns. We also use fresh information you report, like any names or figures you ’re told to call back, to track down scammers.

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