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What is the Greek Name of River Jhelum?

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We all study or read about different types of rivers falling within our area and the entire world. This made us increase our knowledge and also know about their importance of them.

It is mainly because there are different stories associated with every river acrossTo one of those, we will help you to determine is what is the greek name of the river Jhelum.

Histories and different stories are associated with each one of the rivers we know. But sometimes we miss out on the hidden stories across it.

Now when it comes to Jhelum there is a story associated with it. So let us begin with it and know what you were missing.

What is the Greek Name of River Jhelum?

The Jhelum (Vyeth in Kashmiri, Vetesta in Sanskrit and Hydaspes in Greek) is the main waterway of the Kashmir valley. Jhelum river originates from a magnificent spring called “Chashma Verinag”.

What is the Greek Name of River Jhelum
What is the Greek Name of River Jhelum

As per the recorded history of Jhelum, it is a district modern day of Pakistan that covers thousands of years. Jhelum is the new site of the famous Battle of the Hydaspes.

It is located between the armies of Alexander of the great and Raja Porus.This is along with the river banks.

However, the city was founded to commemorate the death of Alexander’s horse. This was originally called Bucephala. This history is nearby for around the 16th century. This is located when the era of Sikh came into existence.

We all are well aware of the mythologies and how far we have come up with them. As per the Hindu tradition, we all can explore many things and so is the case with rivers. You can get connected to different those across every city and state.

It is majorly because they are connected from every corner. It was the time when we could easily relate to every state. But with the passing time, you can now be at more difficulty. The major reason is that we are connected with different aspects of our life.

No one bothers to remember or even get to know about the condition that rose in the early days. Hence in this manner, everything is vanishing all across.

Jhelum is the river of northwestern India and north, and eastern Pakistan. It majorly constitutes the westernmost part of the five rivers of Punjab.

Besides this, the Jhelum rises from the deep spring at vernag. It is in the western Union territory portion of the Kashmir region.

The Flow Of Jhelum Rises High

Jhelum is known to flow high which is 7,000 feet (2,100 meters) deep. Further, it is known to receive the Kishanganga River and then bend southward.

As we all know the fact that every river crosses the other and connects with some. In this manner, you can see the end where the majority of the rivers are merging or connecting.

But here near the Mangla, the Jhelum breaks through the outer Himalayas into broad alluvial plain. At the city of Jhelum, it further turns around southwestern along the salt range. In turn, it begins to join the Chenab river.

The Hydrology Of Jhelum River

Talking about the hydrology of Jhelum it is largely controlled by the snowmelt. This is right from the Karakoram and Himalaya ranges. This majorly happens in the spring and southwest monsoon. In turn, it brings heavy rain in the month from June to September.

It has been witnessed that Jhelum records for around exceeding 1,000,000 cubic feet. Along with this little rainfall during the winter. And in this manner, the level of the river is substantially lower compared to the summer months.

The lower case of the Jhelum has been absorbed for irrigation purposes. As it contributes a heavy amount to the land and in turn purpose that could help farmers and the agriculture industry.

It is known to irrigate around 3 million acres (1.2 million hectares). Further has been installed for the hydroelectricity capacity that counts for about 1,000 megawatts.

However, the case where the Jhelum rivers are known to be Hydaspes is mentioned by Arrian. Also, the bidapass was mentioned by the Egyptian geographer.

Recalling history is determined as one of the best things that we could do. All we need is to show some interest and in this manner, doors get opened.

Jhelum is known as the wide river through which everything can be accommodated and most likely the irrigation purpose. Hence in this manner, you can be the one to get started knowing about its benefits.

Although we have come up with all of those in the above information and to what purpose it serves.

Frequently asked questions

What is the greek name of the river Jhelum and Flows?

The greek name of Jhelum is Battle of the Hydaspes and its flows 7,000 feet (2,100 meters) deep. It is mainly useful for irrigation purposes.

What connects Jhelum?

Jhelum is the river of northwestern India and eastern Pakistan. It means it constitutes the majority of the westernmost rivers of the Punjab region.

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