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KVS Madaan UGC NET Book PDF in Hindi (2022)

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Introduction KVS Madaan UGC NET Book

KVS Madaan UGC NET Book PDF in Hindi – These books are made for the latest exam pattern of UGC and net. In this book, they have mainly focused on the theory that has been revised, and the vision has been handled on the purpose of current examination trends and according to syllabus provisions.

To moderate and clear the content written in the book, they adopt the strategy divide it into 10 chapters and providing an excellent mixture of theories and exercise questions.

The concept that is written in the book is well-magnified by using demographics, diagrams, examples, etc. Kvs Madaan book provides the best content, and that help to fight in the exam of UGC.

About KVS Madaan

Kvs Madaan is a professor, and apart from it, he was the creator of the website, whose name is www.kvsmadaan.com.

With the help of this website, he provides training to their students about several prestigious competitive exams. He prepared for qualified for UGC NET in the subject of management.

He has more than 20 years of experience in teaching and research, and he helped more than 1000 career candidates achieve their goals by using their teaching techniques.

Most of the student believes that he has different content and technique to learn than others. Apart from it, he successfully wrote fool books related to NTA, UGC, NET, and JRF exam, and successfully written the book in both languages on paper 1, and if we discuss paper to so, he has written 1 on commerce and a few last year papers.

Kvs Madaan Book
Kvs Madaan Book

Before it, he worked in the school of business management, Himachal Pradesh as an associate director, and then after, he was the director of Punjab business school Mohali.

After that, he worked as the head of a department managing mm University Solan in Himachal Pradesh. Instructor cum keynote speaker at several UGC and AICTE concerned factory and development programs. And he successfully performed in the training session with many renowned institutes worldwide.

Currently, he is running world-class coaching with the live session, apt courses, and people, not profits.

Their book helps the student to learn alone without any help or guidance.

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There are three principles of their classes are

1. First is vision. Under this, they have the intention to empower students by making stronger concepts for them. And this quality makes their student more confident to accept any academic challenge.

2. Their mission policy has only the aim that how a student achieves their academic objectives through innovative best in coaching class with the help of interactive technology and to make learning more meaningful and enjoyable.

3. About their values, they had only value in providing the best classes with a guarantee of high ranks.

What kind of content is present vs. Madaan UGS NET book

It is an amazing book with easily understandable content. The content that is written in the book is in the form of chapter’s like-

1. Chapter 1 describes teaching aptitude.

2. In Chapter 2 discuss research aptitude.

3. Chapter 3 describe comprehension.

4. Chapter 4 discuss communication.

5. Then chapter 5 discusses mathematical reasoning and aptitude.

6. Chapter 6 describe logical reasoning.

7. In chapter 7 provides information about data interpretation.

8. Under chapter 8 of this book describe information and communication technology.

9. Chapter 9 describes the topic of people, development, and the environment.

10. And last chapter 10 provides information about the higher education system.

This book consists of 10 chapters and provides good content about the abovementioned topics.

It is a very useful book; he provides several editions about this topic. So it is only allowed to download the 4th and 5th editions of this book in PDF free.

Information about KVS Madaan UGC Net

KVS Madaan UGC Net – NTA is liable to conduct this exam, and this job helps to fulfill the vacancy related to the professor or junior research fellowship. A new notification has been released on the matter related to the UGC NET exam. Hardly 2 months are available for the preparation for this exam. For this, the students are very confused about the content. So KVS Madaan UGC NET book provides the best content in the matter related to the clear NET exam.

Some reviews about this book

Many students declare that this book provides a good experience on every topic with tables and charts that helps to clear the doubt. The student can purchase the new edition of this book from several online stores Amazon, Flipkart, etc.


The author of this book has the only aim to describe every topic in detail and in simple language. Therefore, every topic in this book is well explained with the help of diagrams and charts. This new edition contains a total of 10 chapters with well organized. Currently, most students prefer this book to succeed in the Net Exam.


How to Get KVS Madaan UGC NET Book PDF?

You can get KVS Madaan books online from Amazon and Flipkart. Here is link you can get it. https://amzn.to/3O6lckl

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