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Anitta esta com HIV – What She Said About HIV Rumor (2022)

by OnNewYork

Anitta esta com HIV – Recently, Anitta has been the subject of rumors that she would have been diagnosed with HIV. The information is false and she spoke for the first time on the subject.

The rumors started after using recent photos of the famous admitted to the hospital. However, at the time, Anitta was preparing for surgery because of endometriosis.

Asked by a fan if she would take any action, Anitta denied it. “I do not care. Having HIV is not cursing,” she began by telling the popstar through her Twitter profile.

Anitta esta com HIV

Anitta esta com HIV “If I’m going to sue each of the fake news they’ve been making up for me since I took a political position, I’m going to end up with my money just paying a lawyer. I will only spend it when it is something relevant ”, said the artist.

Anitta esta com HIV
Anitta esta com HIV

Anitta also takes advantage of the talk about fake news to talk about another lie involving her name. She commented on a fake video where they put her face like she was having sex.

Once again, Anitta revealed that she tries not to spend her energy on the bad news.

“I only took the trouble to open it because I wanted to see if they were at least doing it well, because then whoever believes it’s me is at least seeing me rocking the performance” , ironized the muse. Anitta esta com HIV.

Anitta esta com HIV
Anitta esta com HIV

Anitta is still in Brazil to recover from endometriosis surgery, a disease revealed by the funkeira and most famous. She was discharged a week ago, after being hospitalized at Vila Nova Star Hospital, in São Paulo, for a week.

Anitta Visits A Candomblé Terreiro And Suffers Religious Prejudice

Last weekend, Anitta participated in a ceremony at a Candomblé terreiro, located in Nova Iguaçu, in Baixada Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro.

The records of the meeting were shared by the father of saint Sergio Pina on Instagram and the singer appears wearing traditional religious robes and a turban. As in 2021, Anitta suffered religious prejudice for showing that she is adept at African religions.

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