Alight.Link – New Video Released – If you have been attracted toward the video and graphic industry or you hold interest then you have tons of opportunities.

At present time you can easily connect with the one you wish to. Also you do not have to undergo any of the problems.

As per your mood, choices and the decided categories you can easily get started with what you like.

In this manner, everything can be sorted with and also delight your mood.

However, there is a releases which will help you to sharpen your videos. There are tons of benefits that can help you to shape your videos easily.

Hence without much wait let us help you to explore more about

What is

Aligh is an app that is free to use and to apply with basic capabilities and a watermark on movies you create.


There are several paid club options in the app to take away the watermark and get entry to a regularly up to date library of top rate consequences and features.

These subscription membership options are charged whilst you choose to purchase them, and renew mechanically until canceled as a minimum 24 hours prior to the beginning of the next subscription duration.

After purchasing, subscriptions can be controlled on your apple identity settings. Be a part of the motion.

Alight motion is the first expert motion layout app for your telephone for iphone, ipad, and mac, bringing you professional-first-class animation, movement snap shots, visible outcomes, video editing, video compositing, and greater.

How to download

If you want to help your videos to look more amazing and interesting then is the app.

This is helpful for people who are into the business or also want to use for personal use.

It is available on the app store to help you get started. So all you need is to reach the app store and get down the downloading options.

Once done then your app will be downloaded to your device as it comes with

Different layers of music for videos/images

Has vector and also bitmap support.

Keyframe animations are also available

Grouping and masking system available

Many such perks are available with so to know more download the app now.

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